Pooled Money Investment Board

PMIB Profile

Aspiring to be a premier financial services organization; serving both the citizens and the State of Kansas through professionalism, integrity, and efficiency. Striving to maximize the return on those resources entrusted to our care while remaining steadfast to our primary objectives of safety and liquidity.

The Pooled Money Investment Board (PMIB) invests the money available from the State General Fund and other state funds deposited with the State Treasurer. The investable state moneys are combined with Kansas Municipal Investment Pool deposits to create the Pooled Money Investment Portfolio. Investments are made in accordance with investment polices provided by statute, rules and regulations, and policies set by the Board. The PMIB also provides investment management services for other state agencies with investment portfolios, such as the Kansas Department of Transportation and Health Care Stabilization funds. In addition, PMIB's responsibilities include the management and administration of the Kansas Municipal Investment Pool (MIP), which provides an investment alternative for local government entities in Kansas.

Notice: This site contains certain limited statistical and financial data relating to activities of the Pooled Money Investment Board of the State of Kansas and has not been prepared or maintained as a source of investor information and should not be relied upon for investment purposes. Investor information regarding State bonds is available at www.emma.msrb.org.