Financial Markets Overview

Prepared & Presented by the Investment Team of the Pooled Money Investment Board - State of Kansas

Scott Miller, Executive Director & Chief Investment Officer smiller@pmib.ks.gov 

Rolling Economic Calendar: "December 23rd - January 22nd"

Fed Focus: Last Update on 12/16/2020 (Next FOMC Meeting: January 26-27, 2020)
Glossary of "Key" Economic Indicators

A Picture of the Traditional Wall Street Bull & Bear (in Crystal)...

    For Friday, January 22nd, 2021

The "Rate Grid"

U.S. Treasury Securities

(7:35 AM)

State of Kansas "Investment Rates"

Week of 01/19/2021

Kansas "MIP"


1-Mo. T-Bill    (02/23/2021) 0.056 1-89 Days
0.09 FX-30
(30-89 Days)
3-Mo. T-Bill    (04/22/2021) 0.081
0.05 FX-90
(90-179 Days)
6-Mo. T-Bill    (07/29/2021)  0.086
(180 Days)
1-Yr. T-Bill (01/27/2021) 0.091
0.09 FX-365
(365 Days)
18-Mo. T-Note (07/2022) 0.097 18-Months 0.12 FX-550
(550-723 Days)
2-Yr. T-Note (01/2023) 0.120 2-Years 0.14 FX-730
(724-730 Days)

Short-Term Interest Rate Barometers

  FOMC Benchmark Rates (Last Changed on 09/16/2020):
  • Fed Funds Target (Range): 0.00% - 0.25%
  • Prime Credit (Discount) Rate: 0.25%
  • Interest Rate on Excess Reserves (IOER): 0.10%

  U.S. Prime Rate ("Best" customers Lending Rate; last change on 3/17/2020): 3.25%

 Fed Fund Futures (at CLOSE; 01/22/21)

Apr '21: 99.925  Jun '21: 99.930 Sept '21: 99.935

LIBOR Rates (at OPEN; 01/22/21)

1-Month: .12850 3-Month: .22238 6-Month: .23788

U.S. Equity Indices: 01/22/21 as of 3:30 p.m. CST

Closing Level Daily Change YTD % Return
DJIA 30,996.98 -179.03 +1.28%
S&P 500 3,841.47 -11.60 +2.27%
NASDAQ 13,543.06 +12.15 +5.08%

U.S. Commodity Futures: 01/22/21

Closing Level Daily Change
Crude Oil (Per Barrel); March Contract 52.27 -.86
Gold (Per Troy ounce); Apr Contract 1,859.90 -9.40
Reuters/Jefferies CRB Index 172.8483 -2.3146

This material is gathered from various sources and is presented for general information purposes only. The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and are not intended to solicit or initiate any investment action on the part of the reader. In his capacity as the Executive Director & Chief Investment Officer for the Pooled Money Investment Board, Mr. Miller is responsible for the daily investment selection, trade execution, and portfolio management of the Pooled Money Investment Portfolio (PMIP) and the Health Care Stabilization Fund (HCSF). Additionally, he is a member of the investment team that provides investment advice and trade execution for the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) investment portfolio. Mr. Miller has been working in the field of Fixed-Income Investments and Portfolio Management for over 36 years (May, 1983), holds a B.A. in Business Administration, and is a graduate from two American Banking Association Schools; the School of Bank Investments and the School of Financial & Funds Management. Mr. Miller has been working for the State of Kansas (PMIB) for nearly 26 years; hired as Investment Officer (March, 1994); promoted to Senior Investment Officer (November, 1998); appointed Interim Director (March, 2011); promoted to Director of Investments & Chief Investment Officer (May, 2011); and promoted to Executive Director & Chief Investment Officer (June, 2015). Prior to State Service, he spent seven years as the Investment Officer / Portfolio Manager at the lead bank of a six bank group in Nebraska, two years on the Fixed-Income Trading Desk of a large regional broker/dealer in Kansas City (Missouri), and three years at the Central Clearing Facility for the Credit Union System (Overland Park, Kansas) on the Asset/Liability and Fixed-Income Trading Desks. Mr. Miller can be reached at 785-296-7053 or send e-mail to: smiller@pmib.ks.gov